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Savage 2's melee system incorporates a few unique features that makes it feel very smooth and responsive. Melee combat between players in Savage 2 consists of 2 basic moves.The basic melee attack moves are Attack, Block, Jump Attack, Dodge, and Charge, in addition to each units special abilities.

Attacking an enemy uses your units melee weapon to damage your foe. Each swing costs your unit stamina.

Attacker is slowed if he attacks a blocking enemy.

The Savage performs his attack in the video to the left.
Blocking an enemy attack prevents them from damaging you, and also temporarily slows the enemy. Only so many attacks can be blocked before the enemy overpowers you.

Blocking an enemy temporarily boosts your attack speed.

The Savage performs his block in the video to the left.
Jump attack deals more damage than a regular attack, but costs extra stamina and has a wind-up animation.

Pushes back enemies, and overpowers blocks twice as fast as normal attacks.

The Savage performs his jump attack in the video to the left.
Dodging is a way to quickly avoid damage. Each dodge is a fast sidestep or rearward movement. Uses the charge meter.

Turn while dodging to change your movement angle in mid-dodge.

The Savage performs his dodge in the video to the left.
Charge allows you to quickly reach a target. Uses the charge meter.

Can be used in small bursts as well as full charges. Can turn while charging.

The Savage performs his charge in the video to the left.

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