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Commander Overview
Unlike the Action Players on the ground playing a fast paced FPS/Action RPG style game, the commander gets a traditional RTS interface and top-down view of the battlefield. Their elevated status and control scheme allows them to better plan and communicate that strategy to their team, much like the general of a traditional army.

Commanders also control the economy of the team. They are responsible for bringing in resources to the team as well as building and repairing structures. They can power-build or repair damaged structures through the use of "Repair NPCs" they can spawn and control.

Building & Technology New abilities, items, and classes become available as structures are built. While the tech tree in Savage 2 is fairly linear there are choices in offensively placed forward Garrison/Sub Lairs, main base defensive schemes, and Mine defense that can determine how much fortification & defense, offensive prowess, and unit /ability mixture a team has.
Battlefield Management & Communication It is crucial that the commander also spend time communicating with their players. This includes buffing allies, debuffing enemies, giving direct orders (selecting and right clicking ground, buildings, allies, enemies) as well as general communication via map pings, voice chat, and text chat.
Buffs & Debuffs The commander can cast several buffs to his allies including healing, armor, and resurrection spells among others. They may also hamper the enemy by degenerating their health, armor, and movement speeds.

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