Savage 2 Change Log
Patch Notes:

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Maps: New maps have been added: ashrock, crest, serenity, skyline



- A shader bug causing serious issues for linux users was fixed.
- The map editor fix was for applied to Mac OS


- A new tab was added to the game info panel, allowing you to effectively mute, message or report players.
- Binding options were added for voting and for showing the 'tools' tab.
- A variety of old interface bugs for the main menu, server browser and game lobby were fixed.

- Various improvements for the community/clan overlay:
* If you have any unscratched tickets you will be notified about it on login.
* The friendlist in the community/clan panel will now display the correct clans for each buddy.
* The avatars of clans and players will be now shown when hovering your friendlist.
* The 'add a friend' and 'invite to clan' submenus were reworked, disabling broken features.
* The overlay server browser now displays a prompt for passworded servers.
* The messaging widget will now show all conversations you had on the last instance of the game, not just the unopened ones.
* Clan chat will no longer grab the keyboard input on each update.
* Visuals and functionality polished for all widgets.
* You will be able to disable the ticket notifications and the avatar downloads (including those of the score overlay) using the Configuration option of the community/clan panel.

- The following functions are now available for servers using the python wrapper:
* Invoke the the 'follow' command as a spectator by showing the score overlay and clicking on the player you would like to follow.
* Organise Pick-Up-Games on all dedicated PUG servers using a new graphical interface.
* Report bugs or players using the new 'tools' tab of the game info panel.


- Predator's Venomous Strike was renamed to Fiery Strike with the following changes:
* Cooldown was changed to 30 seconds (down from 35).
* The skill's duration and impact time were changed to 400 and 280 milliseconds respectively (down from 700 and 500).
* The lunge effect was changed to 310 forward and 70 upwards (up from 260 and 60).
* The mana cost was changed to 120 (up from 80).
* The minimum and maximum damaged were changed to 70 and 85 respectively (up from 65 and 80).
* The skill applies a burning debuff to its target for 3 damage per second for 3 seconds (instead of the old 10 dps and 15% slow for 8 seconds).
* By using this skill you apply a self buff of 20% increased attack speed for 2 seconds.

- Attack speed buffs gained through melee cannot be dispelled any more.


- New effects and animations for predator's Fiery Strike and Blaze.
- Malphas taunt sound was re-enabled.
- Linked the Speed Boots/Lynx Feet effect to its state.
- Linked a null effect for persistent item replenish.
- Added a null effect for the missing gravel handsteps to avoid console errors.
- Fixed Grandar's shield bash model.


- Fixed blockers and other bad spots for mirchul, deadlock, desolation and other maps.


- The fix for the map editor was applied.
- Fixed a major problem involving the notification popup.
- The server browser and the negotiating loading screen were polished.
- The chat button and the karma list were fixed for the end game screen.
- The game lobby now shows if the Python Wrapper is enabled on the server.


* Game:
- All basic accounts are updated to Prime status when they reach account level 25.
- Purchases of prime accounts are now accompanied by two random 60-day runes.

* Maps:
- Added blockers to Willow's grimm walls
- Added Hellshrine blockers to all official maps
- Modification to map triggers

* Interface:
- Create account screen now has the '@'pre-inserted for the e-mail fields
- The game browser refresh button is now disabled on use, until the server list is done refreshing.
- The password and connect-to-ip popups for the game browser were polished.
- The game browser is covered by a "Negotiating" loading screen while the client reconnects.
- The karma list for the end game stats panel is now sorted alphabetically.
- The game lobby now displays the game time after done picking teams.
- A simple crosshair was added to the observer interface.
- The replay interface is now unloaded automatically when the client disconnects.
- Officer icons for the score overlay are now updated based on the game lobby.
- Local game browser now closes on escape.
- Player build interface was polished.
- Fixed the problem with the video tutorial prompt.
- All of the upgrade prompts were changed to fit the new system.
- The chat/community overlay basic panel was updated.

* Video Tutorial:
- Fixed the persisting sound settings issue
- Ping effect is now resizeable
- Fixed some typos

*** We strongly recommend removing any installed interface mods before applying this patch. The authors of such mods will need to need to evaluate the changes in this patch and make updates as necessary.

- NEW MAP: Akamrostu, created by Envor.
- Small fixes to scar areas and various blocker fixes to Ancient Cities, Bunker, Crossroads, Deadlock, Lost Valley, Morning, MirChul, and Hidden Village.
- MirChul: The Grimm's Wall health was reduced to 60000 to avoid a strange health overflow

- Game Player Build: the interface is now automatically hidden if the commander seat is taken.
- Replay Browser: Various small changes and fixes.
- Main Menu: Added a tutorial browser.

- Video tutorials have been released. These are works-in-progress and your submissions will be considered for release in future patches.

- Insect warrior animation timings and effects were fixed. The slow debuff is now weaker but lasts longer.

- Lynx Feet: the item description was changed and an effect was added on item use.

- Each hellbourne was given a unique spawn effect.
- Persistant items now summon a colored groundsprite effect for as long as their effects last.
- The sky rays for beast buildings while under construction were decreased in length.
- The engineer's shield generator effect on ranged impact was made lighter.

- Sentry bats can now reveal electric eyes.
- Sentry bats can now be deployed in a range of 25 meters (up from 20).
- Deploying electric eyes or sentry bats now immediately gives the player 5 experience (equal to half a minute's worth of gadget uptime).
- Commanders can no longer dispel beast siege units.


- NEW MAP: MirChul, created by Dark_Strider based on ideas from S2IAmRoot. MirChul is located south of MirAkar, and east of Kaz'Kal. The island itself was an enclave for the beast Horde for generations. The arrival of Legion troops on its white sandy shores threw the island into chaos. Today, beast and men still fight over the Island in attempt to control its ancient shrines and to reveal the secrets they hold.
- Redwood pines on Duskwood have been updated.
- Several blocker areas have been fixed in Autumn.

- MirChul resources have been added to resources0.s2z
- Redwood pines have been updated to match Duskwood.

- Shapeshifter "blindbug" has been fixed:
* Static discharge's debuff now lasts for 200 milliseconds (down from 1 second).
* Static discharge's debuff now deals 5 damage per second (up from 3). Base weapon damage remained the same.
* Static discharge's debuff is now considered a debuff and cannot be dispelled. The debuff timer was hidden.
* Static discharge mana cost when not damaging targets (misses) reduced to 16/second (down from 20/second).

- In-game account creation has been re-enabled and provides warning messages that a valid e-mail account is necessary. The first login with new (non-Steam) accounts requires the use of a temporary password provided in the e-mail.

- libfmod.dll(so) has been updated for all OSs.
- Windows:
* A work-around for Steam updates has been implemented. With each update, resources0.s2z will be extracted (Note: this is Steam only).
* libcurl.dll has been updated.
- Linux: x86_64 libspeex libraries have been updated


This is the first in a series of long-overdue updates to improve Savage 2.
For consistency, version tracking has been reset to for all operating systems and architectures.

- Shapeshifter sacrifice glowing effect fixed (EvilRebel).
- Footsteps now make the appropriate terrain sounds (eaxs).
- Lighter global Malphas effects are now the default (t1ck).

- Significant improvements were made to animations for the drawing of ranged weapons by all characters. Major work from Dark_Strider.
- Behemoth armor upgrades are now implemented (Dark_Strider).

- Autumn, Mirakar, and Willow updated by Dark_Strider.
- Blockers fixed in Hidden Village, Moonlight, and Ancient Cities.
- NEW MAP: Duskwood by Dark_Strider.

- A variety of new resources will are now available for modding and mapping.
- NPCS: Insect Warrior and Eyebolt.
- World props: crystal gem (blue), malphai and summoner statues, additional ruined wall.
- Music: A new earth.ogg (from Savage 1).
- Script: rainyday.

- Windows savage.exe now is now the savage2laa.exe fix that prevents certain crashes on map changes (allquixotic).

IMPORTANT note for STEAM users:
- Your installation will update the maps, but due to the nature of how Steam is distributed, you won't see any of the new resources. The simplest fix for this is to unzip (extract) the contents of the file resources0.s2z in the "game" directory (Steam/steamapps/common/savage 2 a tortured soul/game) after an update.
- This will be fixed in future updates.

Version 2.1

Block Meter Changes:
- There is now a 250ms (1/4 of a second) delay before blocking starts to drain the block meter).
- The block meter degenerates faster the longer it is held (increases by 6 units/second per second). For reference, a Savage has a 75-unit block meter).
- When your block meter is empty (resulting in a stun), the delay before it starts to regenerate again has been reduced to 1 second (down from 2 seconds).
- There is no-longer a delay after holding the block key before the block meter begins to regenerate (there was a 1-second delay).
- Block's initial degeneration rate is now 4 units/second, down from 5 units/second.
- It is no-longer possible to charge when you are stunned due to your block meter being empty.
- The default regeneration rate of the block meter has been reduced to 6 units/second, down from 12 units/second.
- Successfully blocking an enemy player now increases your block meter regeneration rate for 1.5 seconds. This effect stacks. (Block meter regeneration does NOT occur while blocking).

Melee Damage Changes:
- Chaplain's melee damage has been changed to 32-42, 36-46, 85-95 (was 41-46, 41-46, 62-71)
- Builder's melee damage has been changed to 61-71, 75-85, 110-120 (was 66-75, 66-75, 104-110)
- Scout's melee damage has been changed to 40-50, 45-55, 63-73, 105-115 (was 55-61, 55-61, 55-61, 83-94)
- Savage's melee attack damage has been changed to 59-69, 80-90, 135-145 (was 75-85, 75-85, 110-120)
- Legionnaire's melee attack damage has been changed to 55-65, 63-73, 130-140 (was 66-75, 66-75, 100-113)
- Shaman's melee damage has been changed to 45-55, 60-70, 90-100 (was 55-63, 55-63, 85-97)
- Conjurer's melee damage has been changed to 50-60, 73-83, 135-145 (was 68-77, 68-77, 110-121)
- Shapeshifter's melee damage has been changed to 33-43, 40-50, 45-55, 110-120 (was 45-57, 45-57, 45-57, 66-77)
- Hunter's melee damage has been changed to 55-65, 65-75, 125-135 (was 74-82, 74-82, 98-110)
- Hunter's melee attack full attack time has been changed to 722, 722, 1000 (was 722, 722, 1235). [Reduces the delay after the last swing before the hunter can take another non-movement action.]
- Predator's melee damage has been changed to 50-60, 75-85, 150-160 (was 71-89, 71-89, 106-129)
- Revenant's melee damage has been changed to 68-72, 73-78, 120-135 (was 70-80, 70-80, 115-130)
- Devourer's melee attack damage has been changed to 75-85, 85-95, 135-140 (was 80-90, 85-98, 122-138)


- Scout:
* Movement speed while holding the crossbow is now 95% - down from 100%.

- Conjurer:
* Poisonous venus' area of effect poison debuff now lasts 4 seconds (up from 2).
* Poisonus venus' area of effect poison debuff's application radius has been increased to 150 units (up from 80).

- Shapeshifter:
* Static discharge mana cost when damaging targets reduced to 35/second (down from 40/second).
* Static discharge mana cost when not damaging targets (misses) reduced to 20/second (down from 25/second).
* Movement speed while static discharge is selected increased to 95% (up from 85%).
* Sacrifice duration reduced to 18 seconds from 22.
* Sacrifice reduces the shapeshifter's stamina regeneration rate to 75% (up from 50%).
* Static discharge's debuff now deals 3 damage over 1 second (up from 2).
* In addition to the damage dealt, static discharge's debuff slows enemy movement speed by 10% for 1 second.

- Hunter:
* Venomous activation cost reduced to 25 from 30.
* Venomous mana cost per second to 4 from 5.
* Venomous now deals 2 damage per second over 5.5 seconds (down from 3 damage/second).
* Glide strike cooldown reduced to 13 seconds from 15.
* Wing spin mana cost reduced to 110 mana from 120 mana.
* Wing spin's damage per hit reduced to 65 from 70.
* Wing spin now hits every 450ms (down from 500ms) - a total of 6 times over 3 seconds, instead of 5 over 3 seconds.

- Behemoth:
* Shockwave maximum range increased from 500 to 550.
* Shockwave minimum range reduced from 100 to 50.

- Revenant:
* Now benefits from attribute points.
* Armor reduced to 7 from 8.
* Mana regeneration rate reduced to 4 from 5.
* Total block meter reduced to 100 from 125.
* Total health reduced to 550 from 650.
* Scorch mana cost increased to 12 from 8.
* Scorch burn damage duration increased to 10 seconds (was 8 seconds).
* Atrophy cooldown reduced to 25 seconds from 30.
* Atrophy mana cost increased to 125 mana from 100.
* Defile cooldown reduced to 40 seconds from 45.
* Defile mana cost increased to 115 mana from 100.
* Mortification mana cost increased to 70 mana from 60.

- Malphas:
* Tephra wave cast time reduced from 2.0 seconds to 0.9 seconds.
* Tepha wave no-longer freezes the malphas in place during casting.
* Tepha wave now pushes enemies slightly up and away.
* Total health reduced to 900 from 1050.
* Eruption stun time reduced from 2.5 seconds to 1.75 seconds.

- Mana shrine maximum items per stack increased to 2 from 1.
- Health shrine maximum items per stack reduced to 2 from 10.
- Health shrine maximum carryable stacks reduced to 1 from 10.
- Savior's valor cost reduced to 175 from 200.
- Savior's valor maximum items per stack increased to 2 from 1.
- Updated descriptions for major and minor health potions.

- Added an indicator for the total gold carried by all teammates in the commander's team manager panel. (Thanks, Wiwiweb!).

- Hiddenvillage:
* Fixed a couple of places near the scars where players could get stuck.
* Fixed a couple of spots near the scars where players could place spawn portals inside walls.

- Eden:
* Cleaned up blockers around the bridge to make it much harder to fall into the water.
* Greened up the map a bit more.

- Morning:
* Fixed some missing textures.
* Cleaned up some of the texturing on the outer mountains.

- Desolation:
* Cleaned up a spot where players could get stuck.
* Pulled in the blockers to reduce wallriding.

- Consume corpse's buff now has an icon.
- Static discharge's debuff now has an icon.
- Gut launcher's debuff now has an icon.
- Shield of Sol's buff now has an icon and timer.
- Players can now decline rating their commander.
- Revenant's scorch now has a third person fire animation. Cast sound has been slightly tweaked.
- Hunters now have a functioning exhausted animation.
- Hunters should no-longer play the 'place sentry bat' animation when receiving a soul.
- Fixed a few beast voice commands.

Version 2.0.2

Bug Fixes:
- Corrected the minimum players required per team and maximum players allowed on the following maps: MirAkar, Willow, Autumn

User Interface:
- The buttons on the side of the MegaMap can now be moved to the other side of the MegaMap via an arrow button which resides above the existing buttons.
- Added the missing texture for the MegaMap button.

Version 2.0.1

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue that would cause commanders to experience a dramatic reduction in frame rate when the player count reached a certain level.
- Fixed an issue where clicking the "Move" button to swap players in the Team Manager panel would cause the commander to crash.

User Interface:
- Players must now click (rather than simply hover over) the desired star rating when rating the match and their commander at the end of a match.
- Cleaned up the display of the Team Manager panel. Also, added an "X" close button.
- Added Select Squad buttons to the Team Manager panel.
- Added and cleaned up some tooltips.
- Added the MegaMap, which is a larger minimap panel that players can use to direct their team. Has buttons to draw, ping, and select each squad. Can be opened via a button on the side of the minimap. Can be dragged.

- Hunter:
* Venomous no-longer requires a nexus.
* Venomous poison duration increased from 5 seconds to 5.5 seconds
* Frenzy now requires a nexus.
* Frenzy speed buff duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
* Frenzy speed buff speed increase reduced from +25% to +20%
- Legionnaire:
* Health reduced to 630 (about a 5% decrease).
* Attack chain damage increased to 66-75, 66-75, 100-113 (from 63-71, 63-71, 95-107 - about a 5% increase).
* Building damage multiplier reduced from 1.4 to 1.33 (about a 5% decrease).
- Chloro Spire:
* Gold cost reduced from 4500 to 4000 (now matches shield tower cost).
* Gold bounty reduced from 350 to 300 (now matches shield tower bounty).
- Items:
* Savior's valor gold cost reduced to 200 from 250.

Map Updates:
- MirAkar: Modified the location and position of some trees, particularly around the scar and beach areas. Modified foliage animation speed. Fixed a few spots where players could get stuck. Fixed some texture seams. Improved FPS in some areas.
- Autumn: Fixed some feature seams, retextured a few areas, fixed some areas where players could get stuck. Modified foliage animation speed, cleaned up blockers, modified trees, modified the appearance of the sky.
- Willow: Significant changes to the environment settings, foliage placement. Cleaned up placement of blockers, modified foliage animation speed, modified textures in some areas. Improved FPS in some areas.
- Morning: Prevented the placement of garrisons in a few spots at the center of the map (near the scar, where neither garrisons nor sub-lairs are meant to be placed). Added blockers to reduce players' ability to jump onto structures from the Northern tower.
- Hiddenvillage: Players should no-longer be able to place spawn portals in the walls at the center of the map.

- Taunt (default key: N) and the abilities overlay (default key: Y) are now configurable in the options menu.
- Removed voice chat (old VOIP) key from the control options section of the options menu. The hotkey for push to talk can be found in the Voice tab of the options menu.
- Reduced officer spawn portal placement range from 300 to 225.
- The predator now animates when throwing a blaze projectile, similar to the fireball animation.
- Updated some item and ability descriptions.

Version 2.0.0

*** We strongly recommend removing any installed interface mods before applying this patch. The authors of such mods will need to need to evaluate the changes in this patch and make updates as necessary.

Team Manager Panel (new):
The Team Manager panel allows commanders to more easily view the status of their team, and also provides some additional controls.

- Visible information: Squad (by color), class, health, mana, name, officer status, inventory items, gold, souls, level, buffs, and debuffs.
- Can select/move the camera to a player (same as the top-left squad displays).
- Player swap (can move players around from squad to squad and even promote/demote officers by moving players around).
- Can give teammates gold from the team gold pool (there will be limitations on this feature to prevent abuse, and they will be tweaked/modified as necessary to prevent abuse). Players are notified when the commander gives a player gold.

VOIP (new/complete overhaul):

- Configurable Features:
* Test mic level (with visual indicator).
* Voice chat volume (the volume of chat from other players)
* Microphone volume (your input/record volume for your mic)
* Auto sound dampen (automatically turn down other game sounds when someone is talking - can be turned off, or maxxed out for no sounds while people are talking)
* Microphone boost (toggle)
* Disable voice chat
* Push to talk/voice activation toggle
* Voice activation record sensitivity
* Mic off time - Used for voice activation: the amount of time that the voice level has to be below the activation level before it stops recording.
* Select input device
* Auto gain control - All voice chat volume is automatically adjusted (to a limited extent) to keep everyone around the same volume level
- Other notes:
* The voice chat currently is audible for all players on your team.
* Players can be selectively muted (players remain muted until you un-mute them or restart Savage 2).

User Interface:
- Hovering over structure icons as a commander or builder/conjurer will show an additional tooltip with icons for the units, weapons, abilities, and items that the structure unlocks.
- Added "Team" and "Enemy" over the stronghold/lair health indicators at the top of the screen (both commander and player).
- Added a significant amount of new commander tooltips, explaining various interface elements and features.
- Miscellaneous other interface adjustments (primarily to facilitate the inclusion of VOIP and the Team Manager).
- Added monkit icon (Thanks, Eaxs!).
- The full ISO-8859-1 character set (unicode characters up to U+00ff) is now available for use in the game interface.

Existing Map Polish:
- Deadlock: Cleaned up texture seams, rough/jaggy terrain, fixed some map exploits. Visually clarified an area that should not be accessible.
- Morning: Cleaned up some texture seams, missing textures, jaggy areas, and adjusted a couple of trees with visible roots. Fixed some foliage and replaced the water with the updated water model. Moved some trees so players are less likely to get stuck. Modified some blockers to prevent players from getting to areas that should not be accessible. Fixed some floating objects, and blocked off areas where players aren't supposed to be/tightened blockers to reduce wallriding.
- Bunker: Cleaned up some texture seams. Painted blockers under the fences in front of the stronghold/lair to prevent ranged siege from firing from outside the base areas (cleans up steambuchet issue).
- Hellpeak: Cleaned up a lot of texture seams.
- Hiddenvillage: Cleaned up a ton of texture seams. Fixed some foliage issues. Lessened some of the harsher black coloring near rocks/arches.
- Storm: Cleaned up texture seams, fixed some places where players can get stuck behind rocks. Modified blockers so that it's harder to get into places where players are not meant to be.
- Moonlight: Fixed floating objects, texture seams.
- Losthills: Cleaned up texture seams, fixed floating objects.
- Eden: Replaced pit under the bridge with pool of water using one of the new water props. Added/tweaked foliage, tweaked terrain coloring, moderate amount of texturing updates, added some trees outside of the playable area to make the map look more lush, filled in some open space next to one of the scars.

Game Balance:
- Lynx feet cooldown reduced to 30s from 35s
- Lynx feet max items per stack increased to 2
- Speed boost cooldown reduced to 30s from 35s
- Speed boost max items per stack increased to 2

New Maps:
- 3 new maps by Dark_Strider - Mirakar, Autumn, and Willow

Map Editor:
** Thanks to Ferratilis and the S2SCIP for significant contributions to the map editor.
- Map editor should now work completely out of the box (no special work or extra installation required).
- Additional props are now available for use in maps.

OSX (Mac)-Specific
- Restricted (managed) users should be able to update and log in. Updating requires Savage 2 to have been installed under that user account.

- ALSA is now the default sound device for sound output instead of FMOD's default (OSS).

- Wing spin should no longer kill with a NAME.
- Commander is now notified when players donate gold
- Some misc updates to descriptions for various skills.
- Fixed an issue which caused the end of game victory/defeat audio messages to repeat at the end of a match.
- There is now additional time (17.5 more seconds) allowed to get set up/organized before a match starts (an additional 7.5 seconds to choose commanders, 5 seconds to choose offers, and 5 seconds after squads have been filled before the match starts ).
- Various crash and bug fixes.
- Players are no-longer rewarded XP for donating gold. This is to prevent players and commanders from continually juggling gold to farm XP.
- Players now receive a text notification when they are promoted to/demoted from officer status.
- Players receive their spawn portals on the fly when being promoted to officer status (including on the field). If they are on the field when promoted, the portal ability will have a full cooldown to prevent abuse.
- Server owners can now set svr_minLevel and svr_maxLevel to allow only players with specific level ranges. svr_useLevelRange must be set to true in order to set custom level ranges.
- Fixed issue which was causing damage over time abilities to occasionally stay on the target until death or dispel.

Miscellaneous Modding:
- New water props with updated texture (Thanks, Brokengame!).
- HasListItem interface command (checks for the existance of a listitem by its value). See the new team manager panel in game_commander.xml for an example of its use.

Version 1.8.0

*** We strongly recommend removing any installed interface mods before applying this patch. The authors of such mods will need to need to evaluate the changes in this patch and make updates as necessary.

- New server browser
* Quick connect button - connect to a populated server with the best possible ping. Will fall back to an empty server if all populated servers are full. Checkbox for official servers only or all servers.
* View persistent item vault items from the server browser.
* Various improvements, more information, and clarification of interface elements.
- Now able to to re-bind the commander voice chat key in the options menu (defaults to "\").

CC Panel improvements (Thanks, Stanz!):
- Fixed a bug where menu items sometimes couldn't be clicked on.
- Fixed a bug where toggled buttons would reset when the overlay was closed via the X button. (From 1.7.9)
- Modified the clan chat window so it should now properly retain all messages.
- Server list now sorts by ping (lowest to highest) by default.
- Added a resize button to title bars.
- Added a list of whisper contacts to the message window.
- Added clan chat button to the clan panel.
- Added new misc tab to options.
* Added new option: "Always open chat windows" - this will create chat windows whenever you receive a whisper.
* Added new option: "Bar at Bottom" - this will move the CC bar to the bottom.
- Misc. additional improvements

Voice commands and Notifications:
- Completely new set of voice commands and audio notifications.
* Roles are as follows: human commander, human announcer (notifications), human action player, beast commander (Ophelia), beast announcer (notifications), beast action player.
* Added specific structure under attack notifications.
* Full set of commander-specific voice commands.
* Squad-member-specific and squad-officer-specific voice command menus (will only show the appropriate menu).
* New "Your skill is unmatched!" kill streak notification at 15 kills.
* Team and enemy team upkeep unmet notification sounds.
* New stronghold/lair damage notifications - (Heavy damage at 60%, burning/fading at 35%, nearly destroyed at 15%, and victory/defeat at 0%).

Squad Officer:
- Squad officer orders (opened by pressing 'F') now uses action player sound set - can now tell the difference between officer and commander orders.
- Squad officer follow order modified to "Defend target" - can be used to issue defend unit and defend building orders.
- Rally command reworked - has new audio notification and issues a move order to the officer. Can be used as an officer flag.


- Wingspin duration reduced to 3 seconds from 6 seconds.
- Wingspin cooldown time lowered to 20 seconds from 30 seconds.
- Wingspin block meter damage increased from 19 per hit to 25 per hit. Three strikes from a wing spin should fully break a player's block meter.

- Chant of Restoration now uses about 29% less mana.

- Fixed several outdated ability descriptions.

Version 1.7.9
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug where buildings were taking double the damage from the Hunter's Wing Spin
- Fixed an issue with Shield of Sol that was causing the hit effect to play when damage was taken from damage over time effects
* The hit effect and sound will now only play as a result of direct damage from guns, skills, and melee attacks
- Fixed an issue that would cause the Hunter's Wing Spin not to go into cool down if the hunter was hit with a stunning ability, such as Double Strike
* Note that the Hunter is, currently, still not able to be stunned while using Wing Spin. This is intentional, and not a bug.

- Modified some hills on Bunker so that players cannot walk up them
- Reduced the size of some bushes on Bunker to cause less interference with ranged attacks

- Wing Spin damage to structures effectively cut in half (as per the bug fix above)
- Wing Spin now requires the nexus

- Power Absorption now returns 100 mana when consuming a harmful state, increased from 60

Version 1.7.8
Bug fixes:
- Fixed some issues where the hunter would sometimes get stuck in a certain animation.
- Any skills with push-back effects will now apply the push back even if the target of the skill successfully blocks the skill

CC Panel improvements (thanks Stanz):
-Fixed a bug where once the CCPanel was closed your input would still go to the last active input field.
-Fixed a bug where typing in the CCPanel would go to input fields outside the CCPanel.
-Fixed a bug making the input fields sometimes hard to click on.
-Fixed a bug playing the sound when the chat window was re-buffering (each time it was shown).
-Fixed a bug that would play the received sound when sending chat messages.
-Made improvements to some input fields, making them properly retain focus as long as the window has focus.

- New map, Bunker. This is a port of the original Savage 1 map
- Updated blocker on several of our existing maps
- Fixed some spots where players could get stuck on rocks on Desolation

- The root applied by Entangle Trap skill will no longer be broken by trivial damage sources. Players entangled by this spell will break free once they have sustained 50 or more damage, or once the spell has finished its full duration of 2.5 seconds.

- Wing spin re-worked:
* Wingspin no longer freezes the hunter in place
* Wingspin is now a constant 360 spin for 6 seconds. During these 6 seconds nearby enemies will be hit with 70 damage every 0.5 seconds. Note the 70 damage will be reduced by armor, and that the overall damage per second of this attack is comparable to the Hunter's normal melee attack chain.
* Wingspin also provides immunity from ranged damage and a small armor bonus to the hunter for its 6 second duration
* Wingspin slows the hunter's movement to 70%. The hunter may still sprint, but may not charge or dodge
* New sounds, effects, and animation to match the new functionality
* Note that the damage inflicted by this skill can be blocked. Most classes should be able to block 3 attacks, the 4th attack breaking the block meter.
- Frenzy re-worked:
* Removed stamina leech
* When frenzy is activated, successful melee hits on enemies will apply a speed buff to the hunter. The speed buff is a 25% increase in movement speed for 3 seconds
* Note that the speed buff will not be applied if the attack is blocked
- Slightly reduced the attack time of the Hunter's third melee attack. This will slightly reduce the delay after completing a melee flurry before the hunter can perform other melee actions.

- The root applied by the Entangle spell will no longer be broken by trivial damage sources. Players entangled by this spell will break free once they have sustained 50 or more damage, or once the spell has finished its full duration of 3.5 seconds.
- Chant of Life and Arcane Chant have been combined into one skill, Chant of Restoration. This chant will heal allies within its radius while also restoring their mana
* This skill costs 7 mana per second to use, decreased from the previous 10 per second of Chant of Life
* NOTE: The shaman is still rewarded in experience and gold for both healing done and mana restored. The end result is that this spell has a higher yield of gold and experience than either of the shaman's previous chants.

- Increased mana regeneration rate from 2.5 per second to 3

- Reduced armor from 7 to 5

- New chaplain skill, Shield of Sol:
* When activated, instead of taking damage from enemy attacks, the chaplain will instead be healed for 40% of the damage dealt
* This ability causes the chaplain to be immobile and is a toggle skill, similar to Hunter's sleep
* The effects of this ability last for a maximum of 8 seconds
- Increased hit points healed by Heal spell to 138 from 120
- Increased hit points healed by Group Heal spell to 75 from 50

- Decreased melee damage by 10%

- New enduring item:
* Advanced Sights (for humans) or Magic Amplifier (for beasts). Increased ranged weapon damage by 25%
* This new item costs 700 gold and requires the siege workshop or charmshrine
- Stone Hide and Plate Mail armor items slow movement speed by 5%. Cost for both items increased to 650 from 550
- While active, Shield of Wisdom will play a unique hit effect when struck by melee or ranged weapons
- Power Absorption will no longer trigger on hunter's venemous.

- Decreased the cool down of Centurion Armor to 1 minute 40 seconds, down from 2 minutes
- Dispell is now a single-target snap cast spell rather than area of effect spell. This spell should no longer be missing its intended target. Decreased cool down to 20 seconds from 25.

Modding notes:
- All melee skills in Savage 2 can now apply a state to the user of the skill (as well as specifying a custom duration)

Version 1.7.7
- Decreased damage return on riposte ability from 35% to 25%

Version 1.7.6

- Morale boost now requires monastery instead of armory
- Double swing now requires armory (previously it had no prerequisite)

- Increased quick attack range very slightly, from 104 to 110
- Decreased quick attack push back significantly

- Slightly reduced quick attack melee range from 120 to 110
- Armor reduced from 11 to 10

- Decreased quick attack melee range from 120 to 105
- Hunter's venemous now requires a nexus
- Hunter's sleep ability now requires the sanctuary
- Armor reduced from 12 to 10

Item Shop:
- Decreased cost of Lungs of Maliken to 800
- Decreased cost of Heart of Maliken to 950
- Increased cost of Chainmail to 300
- Increased cost of Tough Skin to 300
- Increased cost of Platemail to 550
- Platemail no longer applies a 10% movement speed debuff to the wearer.
- Increased cost of Stone Hide to 550
- Stone Hide no longer applies a 10% movement speed debuff to the wearer.
- Increased cost of Gust of Wind to 450
- Gust of Wind now requires the Sanctuary or Monastery
- Power Absorption cost decreased from 450 to 350
- Power Absorption now refunds 60 mana when it absorbs an effect, increased from 40
- Power Absorption now dispells an effect once every 45 seconds, rather than once every minute

Version 1.7.5
- Fixed a rare chat related crash

- Spawn invulnerability time when spawning at the stronghold/lair set to 3 seconds, down from 4 seconds
- Raid bonus set to 500. The raid bonus is a gold reward given to your team by destroying an enemy team's gold mine

- Health reduced to 375 from 390
- Movement speed reduced to 210, from 215

- Quick attack stamina cost set to 19, down from 24
- Increased melee damage by about 8%

- Movement speed lowered to 210, from 217

- Quick attack stamina cost set to 17, down from 25
- Increased attack speed by 10%, lowered damage by about 7%
- Increased total stamina to 205, from 175

Version 1.7.4
We'd like to thank community member Stanz for his significant contribution to the new Community & Clan Panel released in the last patch, as well as a few other interface improvements.

- Fixed an issue with the Chat Manager that would cause periodic hitches and freezing for some players
- Added spam prevention to chat
- Fixed clan, buddy, and spectator list in the game lobby
- Fixed an issue affecting free accounts where the "Upgrade Account" button in the in-game F10 menu was covering the quit button at certain resolutions
- Tutorial and Practice modes should no longer broadcast the players' local server to the game list
- Fixed pet AI, they should now use the new melee system correctly
- Fixed an issue with the Community & Clan Panel that could occasionally cause a crash
- Various fixes to the Community & Clan Panel, courtesy of Stanz
- Fixed the player count in the game browser, courtesy of Stanz. Previously it was only counting players who were playing on official servers

- Enabled Commander portion of the Tutorial


Jump Attack:
- Jump Attack, while still fully blockable, will not apply the melee debuff to the Jump Attacker when successfully blocked.

- Increased the total block meter by 25 for all three Hellbourne units

- Attack animations of the first and second attack have been altered slightly such that the impact time doesn't occur quite as quickly. Overall attack speed remains the same.

- Lowered melee damage by 10%
- Attack animations of the first and second attack have been altered slightly such that the impact time doesn't occur quite as quickly. Overall attack speed remains the same.

- Increased damage of scorch, the Revenant's ranged attack, by 15%
- Increased health from 600 to 650
- Increased mana regeneration from 3 per second to 5 per second

- Smoothed out some areas on Eden
- Reverted to an older version of the duel arena maps. They should no longer crash.

Modding/Custom servers:
- We've added a new cvar, "svr_useWorldMaxPlayers" which is defaulted to true. This can be set to false to use svr_maxClients rather than what is specified in the map files.

Version 1.7.3
- Fixed a bug that was allowing ranged weapons to apply the states of certain melee-based skills
- Many interface tweaks and improvements
- The commander section of the tutorial has been temporarily disabled for the time being. It will be re-enabled in an update soon.

- Added many interface elements that are displayed only to free accounts which explain the benefits of Prime Accounts and allow users to upgrade in-game.
- New version of the Community & Clan Panel. This new CC Panel has a server list and several other new features.
- Updated both versions of the duel_arena to use proper bloom settings and allow players to select the hunter.


- Increased the delay on block meter regeneration that occurs when you run out of block meter from 1 second to 2 seconds
- Slightly increased the amount of block meter drained when successfully blocking hits. All units should now be able to fully drain the block meter with 1 quick attack flurry.

- 15% increase in damage on the Rocket Launcher
- 10% increase in damage to the mortar
- Reconstitute skill no longer freezes the legionnaire during its animation
- Riposte skill no longer freezes the legionnaire during its animation

- Crossbow damage increased by 10%
- Sniperbow damage increased by 10%

Version 1.7.2
- Fixed an issue causing some messages to overlap in-game at certain resolutions
- Health Shrines no longer heal hellbourne units

- The maximum level for beginner servers has been increased to 10 (from 5)

- Updated the voice-overs in the tutorial. Note the tutorial is still a work in progress and may not fully function.

- All hellbourne can now charge

- Increased the Rifle's range to 4000 from 3000
- Increased accuracy/decreased bullet spread of the rifle
- Very slightly decreased bullet spread of the shotgun
- Increased builder's bonus damage to structures to 50% from 25%

- Increased melee attack speed by 15%, reduced damage by 10%
- Increased Ravager range from 1350 to 3000
- Increased Ravager accuracy very slightly by decreasing the bullet spread
- Reduced the damage the Ravager deals to structures to 25%
- Increased Repeater range from 2000 to 3000
- Increased Repeater accuracy by decreasing the bullet spread slightly
- Decreased damage done to structures to 25%

- Increased melee attack speed by 20%, reduced damage by 15%

- Increased the conjurer's bonus damage to structures to 50% from 25%

- Hunter's venomous attacks will no longer apply their poison if the opponent successfully blocks the attack
- Reduced frenzy and venomous cool down time to 2 seconds, from 5 seconds, in order to match the global cool down that applies to toggle skills
- Increased frenzy mana cost per second to 4, from 2
- Increased Venomous mana cost per second to 5 from 2
- Increased damage caused by glide strike to 50 from 30
- Glide strike now costs 30 mana and no longer uses stamina
- Glide strike has a 15 second cool down, increased from 10 seconds
- Slightly increased Jump + Quick attack ranges to better match the animations

- Slightly increased Jump + Quick attack ranges to better match the animations

Version 1.7.1
- Fixed several crashes
- Fixed a couple of memory leaks
- Fixed an issue on the main browser interface that prevented the scroll bars from working
- Fixed incorrect price tag on the rune builder when you mouse over it

- Siege units are no longer slowed when hitting enemy structures

- The attack speed debuff applied when an attacking player hits a block now stacks and lasts for 2.5 seconds.
* This means that the more you attack a blocking player, the slower your attacks will become
* The movement speed part of this debuff was changed to 85% of normal, up from 60%
* This debuff now allows for dodging and charging (previously you could not dodge or charge with its effects on you)
- The attack speed buff applied to the blocking player when successfully blocking an attack now stacks
* This means that if you block multiple attacks in rapid succession, you will attack much faster than if you only blocked one attack
* This buff now increases attack speed by 20% rather than 15%

Quick attack:
- Hitting an opponent with quick attack will refund that attacks' stamina cost
- Hitting non-blocking opponents with Quick Attack will restore some of the block meter

Jump Attack:
- Hitting non-blocking opponents with Jump Attack will restore some of the block meter

Storm map:
- Lowered some terrain so behemoths can fit under the bridges

Version 1.7
- Four new maps: Storm, Kunlun pass, Losthills, and Moonlight.
- Community & Clan Panel. This is a feature designed to help players keep track of friends and clan members, as well as offer more robust communication and clan management tools. CTRL + TAB (when logged in) brings it up. Its features include:
1. A clan list to view which clan members are online or offline.
2. A friends list to view which friends are online or offline.
3. A notification system which will alert you when clan members or friends sign on or off. This will also alert you of things like scheduled clan matches.
4. Limited clan management, including the ability to invite new players to the clan.
5. Ability for clan-less players to set their status as looking for a clan or not. This status is viewable by clan leaders and officers and will aid in helping clan-less players to find clans.
6. A messaging system to easily and quickly send messages to your friends, stored in a separate, movable window, similar to many Instant Messaging programs.
- Added a window to main game interface that displays Player damage given, received, blocked, and HP healed.
- Added per-life statistics that show up on the death screen. This tracks all of the statistics mentioned above, as well as kills and assists.
*These per-life statistics only track stats earned during that life time. Once you die, they are reset.
*Your high score (or "match best") for a given statistic during that match is also tracked

- Dodges are now performed by moving in the desired direction then tapping the charge/dodge key (by default, this key is right click).
- Dodge now uses the charge meter instead of stamina
- Charge is now performed by moving forward and holding the charge/dodge key.
- Charge cool down is now based on how long you charged. If you only charge for half of the available charge time, for example, the cool down will be half up when you finish.
- Dodge movement speed is now three times normal movement speed. Dodge duration decreased.
- Sniper bow zoom and siege alternate view mode are now set to use the block button.
- Dodge now takes priority over charge. Holding forward + strafing right while pressing the charge/dodge key will result in a dodge to the right instead of a charge forward.

Interface menu changes:
- Changed "Mouse" menu under controls in the options menu to "Gameplay"
- In the Gameplay menu you may enable or disable the following items:
* Hold down charge key to maintain charge
* Double tap forward key to charge
* Double tap movement keys to dodge
- The server list is now one single list. Official servers are identified with an S2 logo
- The interrupt key is now referred to as the charge/dodge key in the key binds options menu

- Fixed a bug related to one clan not having enough members tournament play. The proper team should now be forced to forfeit.
- Fixed several UI-related crashes.
- Fixed several exploit and stuck-spot areas in Morning, Desolation and Ancient Cities
- Skills and spells will not start their cool down until after their impact time has been reached.
*This means that if you start using a skill and get stunned, your skill won't go into cool down unless it actually had a chance to activate
*Note that the impact time is just a time setting for skills and spells. If you use a skill and miss it will still go into cool down
- Fixed ammo depots breaking some consumable items. This includes the notorious bug where trinket of life would stop working.
- Fixed some issues with the hunter's animations

Balance Changes:

- Soul of Maliken is no longer available. Note that the heart, brain, and lungs of Maliken are still available. This means players will be able to enjoy the effects of these items, but will not be able to use Maliken himself
- Siege units can no longer be stunned
- Gold mine income rates are now based on the Steam/Grove mine's health. A Steam or Grove mine at 10% health, for example, will extract gold at 10% the normal rate.
- Enemy players, gadgets, and NPCs will no longer show up on the mini-map unless they are either within vision radius of an allied structure or they are revealed by an Electric Eye or Sentry Bat.
- Players can now have a maximum of one Electric Eye or Sentry Bat spawned. Summoning more than 1 will remove your previous eye or bat
- When attacking enemy structures, players will receive a 1.5 second de-buff that slows movement speed by 35%
- Increased passive stamina regen from 12 to 14
- Slightly reduced speed at which building armor degenerates when taking damage. Buildings should take slightly longer to kill from standard melee attacks.

- All items (enduring and consumable) will now remain in inventory on death
- Item based gadgets (health and mana shrines) are now placed in front of the player on use
- Health shrine now heals 15 points per second over 12 seconds. Cost reduced to 175
- Mana shrine now restores 15 mana per second over 10 seconds. Cost increased from 100 to 125
- Major stamina potion cost increased to 80 gold, from 50
- Minor stamina potion cost increased to 40 from 35

Combat System:
- Removed interrupt
- Characters are now exhausted when below 20% stamina (increased from 15%)
- Decreased the duration of many skills and spells. The result is that players will be able to follow up these skills and spells with other actions (such as blocking or attacking) more quickly.
- Dodges, Jump Attacks, and melee-based weapon skills can now be used after the chain time of a quick attack rather than having to wait for the full attack time of the attack. The end result is that you do not have to wait as long to use dodge, jump attack, or melee special abilities after performing a quick attack.

Block Meter:
- All units now use a block meter, which is displayed when you block. This meter determines the strength and integrity of your block, and depletes as you take damage. If the block meter is emptied, your block is broken and you are stunned for a short duration
- Block drains the block-meter very slowly
- The block-meter regenerates very quickly when not blocking
- Successfully blocking an opponent no longer stuns them. It will, however, drain your block meter noticably
* Most units must hit the enemy with a full melee flurry plus one hit to fully empty an opponent's block meter. A scout, for example, must hit an opponent 5 times, while a savage only has to hit them 4 times.

Block Balance:
- Blocking an opponent will reduce their attack speed to 85% for 1 second, and increase your attack speed by 15% for 1.5 seconds
- Melee based special abilities are now blockable, except those of hellbourne or siege units
*Special abilities that are blockable will deal 45 damage to the block meter. This is such that most units will require a special ability and two melee swings to completely break a full block meter.
*Note that most units do 20 block meter damage with their attacks and non-hellbourne have a block meter count of 75. This means that one quick attack and one special ability will ALMOST break a block meter. If the blocking player times his block well, he can withstand a special and a quick attack. If he times it poorly, his block meter will break, due to the slight drain on holding down block
- Successfully blocking an opponent's quick attack or jump attack will slow their movement speed to 60% of normal for 1 second
*Blocking melee based special abilities will not result in this movement speed debuff
*Hellbourne attacks do not receive the movement speed debuff
- Movement speed when blocking set to 90% of normal (increased from 80%)
- Blocking players will no longer be stunned when the enemy uses an unblockable attack (such as behemoth's tree, if it didn't one-hit-kill you)
- The attacking player will not have an effect played on them when hitting a blocking opponent. An effect will instead be played on the blocker.
- The recover time on block has been significantly lowered, such that block now ends 50 milliseconds after releasing the block key.

- The charge meter now takes 16 seconds to fully regenerate, down from 25 seconds
- Charge now costs 10 stamina to activate, however if you do not have 10 stamina that will not stop you from charging
- The charge meter will continue to display while the charge meter regenerates. It will be semi-transparent, similar to the block meter
- In order to improve unit differentiation, many units had their attack speeds adjusted. Generally speaking, the delay at the end of the third attack was increased.

- Dodge now uses the charge-meter and does not use stamina. Most units use 25% of their charge meter with a dodge. Scouts and shapeshifters use 20%. The charge meter does not have to be full to perform a dodge, but you do have to have the required amount (25%, for most units)

Jump Attack changes:
- Jump attack is now blockable. It will drain a significant portion of an enemy's block meter.
*Currently, jump attacks deal two times as much damage to the block meter as a quick attack.
- You can now only perform one Jump Attack per jump
- Jump Attack immobile times removed
- Jump Attack attack times generally reduced, to allow faster recovery and combat after completing a Jump attack
- Most units had their Jump Attack stamina costs reworked. Generally speaking, faster attacking units that do less damage with their jump attacks have a lower stamina cost than those that do more damage.
- Jump attacks that successfully hit opponents will return 50% of their stamina cost. Note that this stamina refund does not include the stamina cost of the original jump.

Quick Attack changes:
- Removed the immobilize time at the end of all units' Quick Attack melee flurry.
- Quick attack no longer refunds its stamina cost upon successfully hitting a player

- Hellbourne now follow the rules of melee combat, in that all their attacks are now blockable, but their attacks have a much greater effect on the block meter than most units and they have more block meter than most units
*The Revenant gets 100 block meter (all normal units have 75), Devourer gets 120 and Malphas 150
*The Revenant's attack deals 30 block meter damage (can fully drain a non-Hellbourne block meter in three hits)
*The Devourer's attack deals 45 block meter damage (can fully drain a non-Hellbourne block meter in two hits)
*Malphas' attack deals 65 block meter damage (can almost fully drain a non-Hellbourne block meter in one hit)

Version 1.6.5
- Servers will now change maps automatically if a map remains in warmup mode for over 10 minutes

Tournament/clan play:
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes lock clans into 6v6 matches, even when the tournament was set for higher numbers
- Added forfeit rules. If one clan fails to have the minimum number of players join the server within 15 minutes after the scheduled time, they will forfeit the match.
- Clan commands may only be used after the game starts, not during warmup

Version 1.6.4
Balance changes:
- Hunter's quick attack stamina cost reduced from 25 to 20
- Tempest pushback multiplier set to 1. This means the tempest can be pushed via jump attacks similar to normal units

- Fixed the post processing effects and refraction effects checkboxes in the options menu
- The exit button in replays no longer quits Savage 2

Map changes:
- Updated blocker on hellpeak and eden. Fixed some 'stuck' spots. This fixes many spawn portal exploits on hellpeak
- The commander portion of the tutorial is now much easier
- Improved the mountains and texturing in the tutorial

Version 1.6.3
*NOTE: Post-effects (bloom and refraction) have been defaulted to off. Any users wanting to use the new graphical effects will need to enable them in the options menu.

- Hunter base movement speed increased to 215 from 200

- Changed in-game pricing back to $19.99
- Updated shuffle vote. It can now only be cast within the first 5 minutes of a match and restarts that match
- Concede vote now needs a 75% majority vote to pass
- Reduced refraction effects in the main menu, on hunter's glide, and on predator's fireball. These effects should have a smaller cost on overall performance.
- Improved load times slightly
- Post processing effects are now disabled by default, you may enable them again in the options menu

- Fixed an issue in the database manager that, in rare cases, prevented some users from updating
- Fixed a crash related to reconnecting to servers or starting a new client in rare cases
- Fixed the extended mouse buttons (4 and 5) again

Version 1.6.2
- Fixed an issue where Steam users who did not run the game using the Steam game manager would not properly load textures
- Fixed an issue with shuffle team vote that would cause some players to be stuck in spectate, unable to choose teams
- Fixed missing clan icons
- Fixed a client crash that could occur when the map changed

Version 1.6.1
- Fixed an issue causing some users not to see textures properly or, in some cases, not be able to load the main menu

Version 1.6.0
- Post processing support added to the engine. This allows for bloom and refractions. Note these new effects will not currently display on the linux version
- Added settings to the options menu to turn off bloom and refraction
- Updated many effects to use refraction
- Updated all maps to use bloom
- Improved load times
- The replay browser now shows much more information on the selected replay
- Freeflying spectating is now available in replays
- The main menu and engine initialization have been improved graphically
- Improved map downloading, it should be faster and more efficient now
- Several other miscellaneous engine changes and improvements
- Included Maliken and Hunter in practice mode
- Added a shuffle vote to shuffle the teams based on skill factor
- Added a concede vote. This vote can only be cast when your team is failing to meet upkeep and the match has been occuring for more than 5 minutes. This vote also requires 66% approval to pass
- Added a Next Map vote. This vote can only be cast within the first 5 minutes of a game or during warmup
- Added a vote menu available via the F10 in-game menu. Removed impeach from the loadout screen
- Note that all votes can only be cast once per player per match

Balance Changes:
- Soul of Maliken no longer requires a hellshrine
- Soul of Maliken is not available for the first 15 minutes of the game. The other Maliken items are still available from the beginning of the match
- Hellbourne strong attacks now do significantly more damage but immobilize the attacker

- Fixed a bug with vote impeach causing the player calling the vote to show up improperly as the person the vote was called on
- Fixed conjurer and engineer build skills. They can now once again be used by scrolling to them with the mouse wheel and clicking
- Several optimizations resulting in a reduction in overall memory use (about 125mb on maximum settings). This greatly reduces runtime errors.
- Fixed a large number of memory-related issues (corruption and leaks)
- Performance in general improved slightly
- Maliken regeneration buff can no longer be dispelled
- Fixed "recall causes officer spawn portal to be unplacable" bug
- Fixed a number of crashes

Map changes:
*Morning changes:
- Fixed a place where players could get stuck in morning
- Added some props to prevent the contruction of sublairs or garrisons near the scar

*Crossroads changes:
- Fixed several spots where battering rams could get stuck.
- Updated blocker to prevent tower and spire exploits.
- Modified the terrain near the human base tower so you don't have to jump to get up the ramp.
- Lowered the max players to 22.

*Eden changes:
- Re-textured the entire map.
- Updated environment settings (lighting, fog) updated to match texture updates.
- Removed water props.
- Changed a few props (along with retexturing) to emphasize the influence of the scars (death/decay).
- Updated deforming and blockers to prevent gadget and tower/spire exploits.
- Some deforming updates to reduce jagged terrain and match new textures.
- Added a couple of different props outside of the playable areas of the map.
- Added blockers under the bridge to prevent gadget exploits (primarily electric eyes and sentry bats).
- Modified the bridge area to better fit the lack of water.

*Hidden Village updates:
- Max players set to 22
- Fixed a couple of spots where siege units (primarily behemoths) can get stuck.
- Widened a couple of areas where predators and hunters couldn't fit (where legionnaires and savages could).
- Fixed red splotch at the middle of the map.
- Updated the coloring at the scars a tad.
- Lowered the minimum players required to start a match.
- Added more out-of-playable-area visual elements (structures, trees, etc. in the mountain borders).
- Removed and replaced some of the existing NPCs (mostly to lower the amount of available souls).
- Added some extra NPCs.

*Desolation changes:
- Updated some areas near rocks to lessen the chance of siege units (primarily behemoths) getting stuck.
- Removed some of the existing NPCs to lessen the amount of available souls.
- Added some extra NPCs.
- Cleaned up the coloring a bit.
- Brightened up the map.
- Cleaned up a couple of texture issues.
- Touched up the base areas (now much less flat).
- Extended the fog out a little bit (can see slightly farther).
- Lowered the minimum players required to start a match.

Version (windows-only/server patch)
Balance Changes:
- Devourer, Revenant, and Malphas can block once again

Version 1.5.5
Balance changes:
- All siege units now earn 50% more gold than normal units when doing damage to structures
- Revenant, devourer, and malphas can no longer block
- Increased the cool down on the battering ram's flames skill to 35 seconds
- Made maliken targetable by most debuffs and buffs. Note that stormshield, recall, and some other select buffs cannot be cast on Maliken

- New version of Ancient Cities, slightly reworked and with a more fleshed out hellshrine area

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that causing excessive health degeneration on maliken
- Fixed a missing icon with maliken's health regen spawn state
- Fixed issue with the Hunter's bat which made it difficult to hit with ranged weapons

Version 1.5.4
Balance Changes:
- Monastery and Sanctuary no longer require an armory or nexus to be built. Note that the siege workshop and charm shrine can now be obtained more quickly due to this change
- The Academy now requires both the Monastery and Armory to be constructed. The same is true for the Predator Den requiring both the Nexus and Sanctuary.
- The battering ram no longer has a freeze time before it's attack
- The battering ram can attack while flames are active
- The battering ram will only do one fourth of its damage to hellbourne units
- Steamboost for both the battering ram and the Steambuchet now has a 20 second cool down (down from 40) and lasts 10 seconds (down from 17.5 seconds)
- Maliken now only receives 150 stamina from souls
- Maliken Lungs now only return 150 stamina to the wearer
- Maliken is once again able to be healed. He is no longer flagged as a hellbourne unit, meaning shaman and chaplain attacks will not do bonus damage to him.
- Maliken's soul cost has been reduced to 12
- Maliken health reduced to 1000
- Maliken healing per soul reduced to 50 from 100
- Maliken receives the benefit of spent attribute points
- Maliken now has a 4-minute buff, in addition to his armor buff, when he spawns. When this buff wears off, he will begin losing life at a rapid rate.
- Soul of Maliken now requires a hellshrine to purchase. Cost increased to 650 from 150. Note you do not have to physically visit the hellshrine to acquire maliken.
- Heart of Maliken cost increased to 1100 from 900
- Brain of Maliken cost increased to 750 from 675
- Lungs of maliken cost increased to 900 from 750
- The chaplain's melee attacks now do 150% damage to hellbourne units.
- Savage mana regeneration increased from 2.5 to 3.0
- Decreased the mana cost of the Savage's morale ability from 80 to 50. Increased the health regen bonus from 25% to 50%
- Token of life cost decreased to 350 from 400
- Slightly increased the mana drain of the Hunter's venomous ability
- Hunter's wingspin now has a longer delay on it. It should react more like whirling blade
- Devourer's rot ability damage per second increased to 25 from 8. Mana cost per second increased to 10 from 7. Range of decay slightly decreased.
- The Shaman's Storm shield ability has had its buff duration decreased to 12 seconds from 20
- Slightly increased the unique area around arrow and strata towers. You should no longer be able to place two at one garrison. Note that you can still place two shield/chloro towers or two cannon/static towers.
- The Shapeshifter's cheetah form no longer allows for dodging
- The hunter's summonable bat is now closer to the ground, within melee range

- Added the Rune Builder. It can be located in the game browser or in the persistent item menu at the loadout screen.
- Added commander impeachment. The button to initiate the vote can be found in the loadout menu when a commander is active.
- New icon for beast item lynx feet
- New version of Ancient Cities. Layout reworked.

- Improved the distinction between regular items and enduring items in the loadout UI
- The scar prop now uses the hellshrine commander portrait and icon
- Building tool tips in the commander interface will now properly show multiple prerequisites
- Improved angle lerping on preview gadgets, the preview that shows up when placing a gadget
- Fix steam turret and static charge spire shots sometimes striking corpses and foliage
- Fix several sources of memory leaks/corruption
- Removed "connection interrupted" message when viewing replays
- Misc other interface tweaks/improvements

- Spawnstate and SpawnStateDuration can now take comma separated values
- Added TargetTypeMaliken to skill toggles and spells

- Fixed a few places players could get stuck on morning

Version 1.5.1
- Fixed Hunter jump attack causing issues if the attack button is spammed
- Fixed Maliken exploit causing invincibility
- Fixed items disappearing caused by selling a race-specific item after a team switch
- Fixed Maliken summon effect (first part, the fire) cutting off early
- Dodge is no longer usable with Sacrifice active
- Maliken items no longer provide their effect when disabled
- Fixed a server crash and a few misc. minor issues
- Attempting to host multiple local games now always connects to the proper server
- Race-specific items are now properly sold when switching teams
- Fixed a bug allowing a player to move while Hunter's sleep is in progress
- Ejecting from siege no longer causes the player to lose his items
- Heavy armor items now properly reduce speed by 10%
- Fixed server-wide lag caused by a player crashing (One cause of it at least)
- Fixed loadout not properly showing "ammo" counts for item stacks
- Fixed spawn placement for Maliken placing him on top of structures
- Made it easier for the commander to focus on a unit by double clicking his portrait
- Selecting the build skill now properly deselects what you had previously selected, so it's no longer possible to accidentally have overlapping gadgets while trying to build
- Deselecting the build skill now properly takes you out of build mode
- Deactivating build now properly returns you to your melee weapon
- The pet menu will no longer be enabled unless you have a pet
- The officer menu will no longer be enabled unless you are the officer
- Fixed crashes with some replays from pre-1.5.0, there are still some issues to work out in this regard
- Switching to commander will no longer cause you to lose your items
- Reworked unit change placement code so that ejecting from a siege unit will no longer place you on top of a prop, and Maliken cannot spawn on top of buildings
- Spawning as Malphas during warmup will no longer cause the global weather effect or music change
- Players using Recall no longer leave an attackable body behind while in the spawn screen
- Fixed several issues with channelling spells (Sleep, Health/Mana Chant)
- Fixed an issue with cooldowns occasionally showing improperly on the client
- Fixed the taunt key hiding other animations
- Fixed gold mine raid bonus being given to the wrong team
- Fixed an issue with Blade Frenzy displaying NAME instead of Blade Frenzy in kill messages
- Dodge can no longer be used while the user is not idle

Balance Changes:
- Malphas soul cost back up to 20
- Maliken health regeneration changed from -1.5 to -1.7
- Maliken health increased from 900 to 1300
- Maliken type set to Hellbourne, he can no longer be targetted by most spells and abilities
- Maliken soul cost has been increased to 15
- Maliken's lightning mode bounces reduced from 3 to 2 (It now hits the initial target and 2 extras, instead of 3 extras)
- Maliken's melee modes now proc 20% of the time with Blade Frenzy, down from 25%
- Maliken now heals 100hp per soul earned, up from 50hp
- Maliken's blade throw now costs mana to activate
- Maliken's maximum mana has been increased from 250 to 275
- Maliken's high armor state duration has been increased from 30 seconds to 40 seconds
- Blade Frenzy hit damage from 35 to 30
- Blade Frenzy cooldown from 25 seconds to 35 seconds
- Blade Frenzy mana cost increased from 100 to 125
- Maliken's push back mana cost reduced from 50 to 25
- Maliken mana regeneration reduced from 3 to 2.5
- All gold earned by Maliken now goes to the team
- All Maliken items have had their cost reduced by 25%
- Hunter's melee modes now disable mana regeneration and have a small mana cost per second
- Hunter's Glide damage reduced to 30, cooldown increased
- Hunter's Frenzy and Venomous are no longer dispellable

Version 1.5.0
- Fixed an issue causing melee attacks with certain units to miss on very rare occasions at certain distances
- Fixed a bug with siege aiming behind them if a blocker is behind the unit
- Fixed taunts, they are now visible by all players
- Fixed the "morning" crash
- Fixed an issue causing D3DDRIVER_INTERNALERRORs and crashes in certain situations
- Fixed an issue causing a loss of textures in the map editor
- Characters will no longer turn with the camera when immobile (such as with Hunter's Sleep)
- Linux Version: Improve updater/uninstaller interaction
- OpenGL Renderer: Fix a number of issues when run on an ATI video card

- Added some new "anti-hack" features
- Reduced overall RAM use
- Added some optimizations to the renderer
- Losing a prerequisite after purchasing a consumable item will no longer disable that item
- Prerequisites for items now display in the loadout screen
- Pressing "Y" while in-game will display an overlay that allows you to view your skills
- The player backpack now shows up on the death screen
- All spells/skill will now display as red when they are in cool down
- The item store is now sorted more appropriately
- Spawn portals now have 120s lifetime and 75s cooldown
- All cooldowns are now global, switching units will not cause them to finish
- Kill streak notifications
- Dodge system now in place. Double tap A,S, or D to perform a dodge in that direction.
- Shaman and chaplain have had their main healing spells reduced to 6 seconds cool down, slight mana cost reduction
- Slight armor decrease on chaplain and shaman
- Gold and EXP for healing lowered
- Three new maps, Ancient Cities, Desolation, and Hidden Village
- A tips system has been added to the loading screens and death screen

- Added a number of new Enduring items, these items will persist through death and unit changes:
Gust of Wind: You are immune to ranged damage while charging and dodging, and you can charge slightly further.
Power Absorption: Automatically dispels one negative effect per minute and restores some mana when doing so.
Shield of Wisdom: On use, it drains all remaining mana and prevents mana regeneration. In exchange, it shields you for damage based on the amount of mana drained for up to 30 seconds.
Trinket of Restoration: Heals all nearby allies and increases their armor for a short period. If a second trinket is used, it will not heal nearby allies if they still have the armor buff.
Savior's Valor: Can be used to cast recall on yourself (with a cool down on damage) - Will cancel if taking damage while recall is in progress.
Token of Life: May be used after death to revive yourself.
- Ammo pack/ammo sachel and mana stone/mana crystal are now flagged as enduring items and will not be dropped on death

- New unit: Maliken. Maliken is obtained by the following steps.
1. Purchase a Brain of Maliken, Lungs of Maliken, and Heart of Maliken
2. Purchase the Soul of Maliken
3. Activate Soul of Maliken, at the cost of 10 souls. You will then transform into Maliken on the field at any location.
- Note that many of maliken's skills are blade modes. They are not a one time cast but rather a passive effect that does not turn off until the skill is manually cancelled or another blade mode is activated.
- Maliken's skills are:
1. Blade of Damnation. This sword is unblockable in melee combat. Instead of an interrupt move, maliken throws his sword. Interrupt or right click a second time to teleport to it. The block button is a defensive maneuver that will knock back enemies around maliken.
2. Blade of Flames - applies a fire damage over time to a target. This effect stacks with each melee hit
3. Blade of Lightning - applies a lightning effect to maliken's sword. Each successful melee hit will result in a lightning bolt that bounces around between maliken's enemies, decreasing in damage with each bounce.
4. Blade of Wind - Each melee attack stirs up a gust of wind, protecting maliken from ranged attacks.
5. Blade of Demonic Healing - each successful melee hit will heal maliken's nearby allies for an amount based off the damage caused.
6. Blade Frenzy - Maliken goes into a blade frenzy. This is an area of effect attack that lasts a short while and has different effects based on which of the above blade modes are active
- Maliken's spawn event spawns him with very high armor for 30 seconds, and he gets the benefit of maliken items when receiving souls.
- He can be buffed, debuffed and healed. However, he cannot be resurrected or recalled, and Riposte has no effect on him. He is also unstunnable.

- New unit: Hunter. This unit replaces the Summoner. His skills are:
2. Glide - This skill shoots the hunter forward in a line, damaging any in his path. This ability costs stamina instead of mana and will apply the Frenzy and Venomous effect.
3. Wing Spin - This skill damages and knocks back all nearby enemies.
4. Frenzy - Similar to Maliken's blade modes, this applies a passive effect to all melee attacks that leeches stamina from enemy players.
5. Venomous - This is a passive effect that applies a poison debuff to all melee attacks. Only one of Venomous and Frenzy can be active at a time.
6. Sleep - Puts the Hunter to sleep for a short duration, making him immune to ranged damage and regenerating life at a rapid rate.
7. Sentry - Places a sentry bat to act as a scout at the target location for a limited time.

- Added "SkillCategory", "SkillCategoryCooldown", "SpellCategory" and "SpellCategoryCooldown" settings to all skills and spells
- If a unit uses a skill/spell and another one of their skills/spells matches it's category, it will be put into cooldown for CategoryCooldown milliseconds
- Added "GetPrereqDetails();" UI_CMD that will return a human-friendly prerequisite string.
- Prerequisites can now use an "or" operator. For example, consumable_tokenoflife_prerequisite "building_monastery or building_sanctuary"

- All structures now have a minimum armor value. Attacking the structure will not cause its armor to degrade past its minimum armor setting.
*Strongholds and Lairs have a minimum armor setting of .3
*Main base structures have a minimum armor setting of .2
*Towers and garrisons have their minimum armor setting at 0
- The beast static charge spire has had its range increased to 900 to match the cannon tower
- Spawn portals have had their duration reduced to 90 seconds, health reduced to 300, and will not die when the officer who placed it dies. This is to encourage more strategic placement of spawn portals and encourage their protection
- Sacrifice will now cause the player to move at 85% movement speed, down from 90%
- Imp damage reduced to 30-38 from 35-42
- Revenant's ranged attack damage increased to 60-65 from 50-58
- Revenant's quick attack damage increased slightly
- Devourer soul cost increased to 9
- Steambuchet's secondary ranged attack has had its range increased to match its primary attack
- Decreased range of tempest's meteor slightly
- Ranged Siege can no longer aim past map blockers, which is on most mountains
- Conjurer health reduced from 390 to 370
- Summoner melee attack damage increased slightly

- Fixed an issue that was causing commander centurion armor to sometimes be out of range when zoomed out
- Fixed an issue that was causing voice commands to stop working after disconnecting from a server
- Fixed an issue allowing commanders to cast spells on enemy players through the fog of war
- Fixed an issue allowing commanders to select enemy players and structures through the fog of war
- Fixed "extended" mouse buttons, they will now work as intended when bound to an action
- Spectators now properly spawn in the middle of a map rather than in the corner
- There is now a 5 second delay on the ability to ping the minimap
- Fixed various glsl shaders
- Fixed skybox seams on gl2 renderer
- Fixed gl2 renderer shadow settings not being properly applied without a restart

- Morning has been re-worked. The hell shrine is now between the two bases and there is a gold mine in the north. The walls have been moved further south and stronghold/lair moved slightly north.

VERSION 1.4.5 to 1.4.7
- Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from passing authorization
- Fixed several issues that prevented some users from being able to update or login

- Fix a major exploit with ammo depot/mana fountain

- Spawn portal experience value on kill from 50 to 150
- Max health for spawn portals from 300 to 1200
- Cooldown time on portals from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
- Spawn portals can now be used multiple times

- Fixed some issues with pathing
- Fixed some server and client crashes
- Interrupt will no longer damage gadgets or structures
- Siege no longer recieves a camera kick when being attacked
- Fixed some PNG format clan icons not loading properly
- Fixed issues with white unit portraits, messed up health bars and units named "NAME"
- Fixed all known issues caused by hosting a local server and then connecting to an online server
- Fixed issues with Revenant and Devourer strong attack, they have now been re-enabled

- Promotional codes can now be entered during in-game account creation
- Map rotation system has been changed, it now plays maps in a linear order, the "weight" has been changed to a percent chance a map will be played (0.75 means 25 percent chance it will skip to the next map in the lineup)

- Steambuchet and battering ram turn speeds increased. They should feel a bit more maneuverable now
- Battering ram's flames ability no longer freeze the battering ram in place for their duration
- Behemoth's shockwave mana cost decreased from 75 to 60
- Behemoth's stomp mana cost decreased from 125 to 90
- Behemoth's trunk slam mana cost decreased from 75 to 60
- Tempest meteor now properly deals splash damage rather than full damage to all entities in the splash radius
- Devourer's vomit ability impacts a much wider radius, making it easier to hit opponents with
- Consume corpse does not make the devourer grow quite as big (maximum 60% size, down from 75%)
- Decay no longer harms the devourer. Mana cost per second increased from 4 to 7
- Moderately decreased overall exp earned from attacking structures. It's still more rewarding to attack a structure over attacking a player in terms of experience.
- Shield generators now stop tempest's meteor

- Grimm's wall on morning had its HP reverted back to 8000 for now. This will help with ranged siege attacking from behind the walls. A more permanent fix is in the works, at which time we will increase the wall health again.

- Devourer unit can no longer pick up items from NPCs
- More path finding improvements
- Fixed the "donate all" button on the loadout screen
- Made it easier to target corpses as the devourer after leveling up in size a few times
- OpenGL renderer: Fixed volume texture mipmap issues

- Reduced tempest and steambuchet range
- Increased the maximum range on interrupt from 100 to 135
- Increased duration of stun effects on being blocked or interrupted from 1 second to 1.4 seconds
- Spawn portal ability now has a 3 second cool down on damage, down from 5 seconds
- Spawn portal ability general cool down reduced from 75 seconds to 30 seconds
- Total experience earned for destroying a stronghold or lair reduced to 1250 from 2000
- Behemoth, battering ram, and malphas now have attributes applied to them
- Strength attribute now increased damage by 2.5% per point
- Agility attribute now increased 3.5% per point, up from 3%
- Stamina sprint cost down from 12 to 11
- Imp's gun mana cost increased from 13 to 15 per shot
- Imp's gun damage decreased from 40-48 to 35-42
- Ravager's damage decreased from 9-10.5 to 8-9
- Demo charge size increased by 25%, sight range decreased to 200 from 1000
- Steam turret hit points decreased to 350 from 500
- Venus plant hit points decreased to 400 from 500
- Builder's hitpoints increased from 350 to 375
- Conjurer's venomous spore weapon now has 6 projectiles instead of 12. The damage of each projectile has effectively been doubled, but the weapon now requires a more accuracy to hit with.
- Venomous spore damage increased to 65-80 from 62-75

- Maximum players on morning reduced to 20 from 24
- Fixed some areas on crossroads that were allowing commanders to place unreachable towers
- Moved human base gold mine on morning closer to the stronghold to put it in the buildable radius
- Added a death animation to Grimm's wall on morning, increased Grimm's wall's health
- Gold mine extraction rates on morning increased
- Added Devourer to practice and duel arena

- Enabled all loading screens, removed FCP #1 announcement
- Added two new tools to the editor for working with textures, controlled by the CTRL and ALT keys
- Added color tints that display when blocked or interrupted
- When sudden death mode is activated, it will be displayed in the upkeep section of the interface
- Attribute screen now pops up again when you have points to spend
- Made it easier for commanders to see the edge of maps
- Commanders can zoom out further
- Players will now be given the option of having their stats recorded or not when they first join a server

- Some path finding improvements (more to come)
- Fixed a minor bug in VoIP causing some console spam
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some of the animation based effects and sounds from precaching properly. This was causing some hitching, expect some performance improvements
- Removed the extra 30 seconds that were added to commander election time if leaving warmup mode
- Voice tips precache properly
- Fixed several crashes
- Unofficial servers now highlight correctly when selected
- Added spawn queue message to the loadout screen. This will display when the teams are unbalanced and the spawn queue is in effect
- Your player SF now displays properly in the loadout screen
- Added an experience bar in the loadout screen
- Fixed strength tool tip, it no longer mentions attack speed
- Changing resolution no longer requires a full reload of all interfaces, it simply resizes them to the proper size
- Fixed issue with the game browser on lower resolutions that would hide player level
- size of clan icons lowered to 24x24 from 32x32
- Music is now properly precached
- Fixed an issue that was causing persistent vault icons to not always show up properly
- Fixed a crash in the editor related to cloning entities
- Commander Reveal spell can now be placed within blocked area
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow a user to join a full server
- Fixed an issue where voice commands wouldn't show up after disconnecting/reconnecting

- XRandR is no longer required
- Fix problems when window manager gives game different sized window than requested
- Sound drivers list in options menu will now update after changing the sound output system

- Added two new maps, lostvalley and morning
- Added Voice over IP for commanders. The "\" key is used to broadcast by default
- Added armor level progression. At levels 4, 8, and 12 your character will receive new armor
- Added a new "aiming mode" for Steambuchet and Tempest. Use your "Interrupt" button to switch to it
- Added a clan system, complete with clan reservation for clan matches on select servers. Check out for details
- Added a voice tip system. This system plays audio messages for each new game element you encounter. This can be disabled in the options
- Clan icons show up in game
- Added an Unofficial server list for player hosted servers
- Added automatic map download if you connect to a server hosting a map that you don't have
- New loadout screen and hellshrine screen
- Reconstructed the tutorial. It is now much more concise and offers a commander practice mode
- Added the Devourer unit, a hellbourne unit costing 7 souls
- Corpses now fade out slowly for the last 3 seconds of their lifetime
- Added some terrain rendering optimizations
- Players now always go to the spawn screen, even if only one spawn is available
- Added a "Return to Loadout" button to the spawn screen
- A notification is now displayed when your team has no commander
- A linux client of Savage 2 is now available
- Clan icons will now show in the score screens

- Stuns have been re-worked to no longer freeze the player. Abilities and attacks are disabled but the player can still move
- Stuns times were all generally reduced
- Blocking an opponent will cause 60 damage to the attacker, as well as reducing their armor by 35% and movement speed by 20% for one second
- You can block multiple opponents (your block will not lower when it is hit)
- Block takes 0.075 seconds to go into effect after hitting the block button, and can be held for a maximum of 5 seconds
- After releasing the block key, it takes 0.175 seconds to fully disengage
- Interrupt does no damage to opponents who are not blocking
- Interrupt deals 75 damage to opponents who are blocking, does 75 damage, and reduces movement speed by 20% for 1 second. Costs 22 stamina to execute
- Strafespeed reduced to 86% of base movement speed
- Quick attacking causes a 20% decrease in movement speed briefly, your movement speed returns to normal over .75 seconds
- All quick attack damage and range increased by approximately 10%
- Most ranged weapons had an approximate 15% increase in damage
- The angles on block and interrupt were significantly widened, it should be much easier to block and interrupt opponents who are in front of you

- Pathing code re-worked. Pets and npcs should path more efficiently around players and objects in the world.
- An icon will now display when certain skills are active (devourer's decay, polymorph, healingward, manaward, cheetah)
- Fixed crashes when hosting multiple local games in a row
- Fixed memory corruption due to some new pathing code
- Fixed several potential crashes
- Duel arena is once again functional
- Fixed an issue with pushback effects pushing players in the wrong direction
- Fixed an issue with how NPCs aggro off of damage
- Fixed an issue allowing players to view scores in the lobby
- Fixed an issue where spawn trigger and NPC setting definition boxes would go below the bottom of the screen in the editor
- Fixed an issue causing snapcasted spells to not properly check range
- Fixed a bug with quick attack causing it to ignore damage bonuses
- Fixed Revenant's melee impact time
- Fixed an issue causing the mouse wheel to continue scrolling through abilities when dead
- Fixed an issue where melee weapons would disappear when a skill is selected
- Fixed mouse cursor disappearing while placing buildings as a commander
- Fixed mana incorrectly regenerating while polymorph was active
- Fixed Heal Pet being able to target siege
- Fixed a bug where weapon sounds would appear "behind" you on surround sound systems while looking up
- Fixed several editor crashes (Texturing bug still being elusive...)
- Added a fence and some more blockers to the bridge on Eden, to prevent falling in the water

- Players can no longer take command if they have loadout time remaining
- Leaving command now causes a loadout time of 25 seconds
- The build ability of builders and conjurers is now entirely disabled if a commander is present
- Increased Engineer's stamina from 125 to 150
- Officer aura stamina regeneration boost reduced
- Savage's Morale stamina regen boost reduced
- Jump attack no longer stuns blockers/interrupters, it simply does damage
- Builder's Rifle damage reduced slightly
- Savage's Ravager ammo reduced slightly
- Imp's projetile speed increased slightly
- Holybolt now does less damage against Hellbourne
- Jump attack no longer restores stamina on a successful hit
- Enrage and Rage now give a 25% melee damage increase instead of attack speed increase, 50% armor reduction
- Reduced price of hellshrine to 7500
- Move speed debuff on conjurer's Venomous Spore now decreased movement speed by 10% instead of 20%
- Conjurer's roots no longer root human siege
- All tower costs reduced
- Strata and arrow tower increase in HP and armor, increased attack speed
- Venus plant now "builds" twice as fast. It should start firing quicker, similar to steam turret
- Commander spell reveal had its cool down increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
- Commander can no longer speed boost human siege
- The builder now uses the shotgun as his primary weapon. Armory needed to unlock his rifle
- Builder Shotgun ammo reduced from 25 to 20, damage increased slightly, range decreased slightly
- Builder Rifle now has 25 ammo, down from 30
- Tempest's push back ability has a wider angle, should be a bit easier to use
- Tempest etheral will now allow the tempest to move at half speed. Etheral form is now dispellable by commanders.
- Scout's crossbow has faster attack speed, slightly more damage, and a slightly faster projectile
- Scout marksman bow has less attack time and less cool down time. This should increase its rate of fire
- Shapeshifter's lightning gun mana cost decreased from 50 to 35
- Conjurer's entangle trap lasts 2.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds
- Conjurer's entangle trap had its affect radius decreased from 200 to 150
- Venom spores speed reduction down from 10% to 7.5%, more venom pellets in the shot, wider spread to the shot, shorter range overall
- Gold and exp awarded for killing the bearloth and imp has been drastically reduced
- Cheetah form now requires a nexus
- Bearloth's melee attack speed from 1.3 seconds to 1 second. Damage slightly decreased
- Behemoth's main melee attack now hits at 30 degree arc, increased from 10 degrees
- Behemoth's Trunk Slam and Shockwave had mana cost decreased and damage increased
- Mana cost on behemoth's stomp ability was increased
- Tempest's range with meteor was increased
- Streambuchet's range on both attacks were increased
- All siege now cost 750 gold
- reworked all item costs. Generally everything is cheaper, except for the health shrine which had its cost increased to 200 from 175
- Removed the freeze effect on predator's enrage ability to make it more useful in combat
- Decreased worker movement speed and increased stamina pool
- Tempest stamina lowered to 150
- Strength no longer has an effect on attack speed
- Modified attribute point costs
- Increased observer movement speed
- Players no longer gain experience for using their own ammo demo or mana fountain
- Revenant weakened slightly, soul cost from 7 to 4
- Entangling Roots is now removed by damage. Removed damage over time from conjurer spores but buffed their damage to compensate.
- Shield generator now gives experience based off of amount of damage blocked, instead of number of projectiles
- Shield generator no longer recieves experience from NPC attacks

- New loading screen image announcing Free Content Update 1

- If more than the maximum number of players are on a server, they can now all join teams properly
- Fixed some client crashes
- Fixed a bug where towers would sometimes not attack a target
- Fixed a bug where NPCs would continue to attack a target even if they could not hit them
- Some minor improvements to NPC AI, much more to come
- SF/level/record are now blocked out until the game passes the warmup phase
- Group Heal no longer heals siege units
- Fixed a bug where the Join Team tooltip would become "stuck" on the screen
- Fixed the issue where players could not run the game due to missing DirectX runtime files

- Several commander spells were awarding experience per target they were cast on. This has been removed. Experience is awarded based on the damage delt by your own buffed units or damage received by enemy units who are under the effects of a debuffing spell
- Bash mana cost reduced to 80 from 100
- Steam boost will now multiply movement speed by 1.8, reduced from 2.1

- Fixed a bug that would prevent players from being able to join teams if they disconnected and reconnected to servers without selecting a team
- Added confirmation dialogue for spectating and disconnecting
- Switched eden and crossroads in the map rotation

- Several changes were made in an effort to combat players intentionally stacking teams, unbalancing the game. These changes are:
1. All Skill-factor values and levels are hidden unless you are on a team
2. Once you join a team, you may not switch teams unless it is via the spawn queue prompt
3. If you do switch teams via the spawn queue prompt and stay until the end of the game, you are awarded an automatic win and 250 experience, regardless of the results of the match
4. Once you spawn as a spectator you cannot join a team. You must wait for the next map to join a team.

- Increased movement speed for walking and sprinting backwards
- Increased straffing movement and sprinting speeds to be equal to player speed when walking and sprinting forward
- Slightly increased stamina regeneration rates while idle and walking
- Legionnaire's bash ability damage increased from 60-80 to 80-100. Stun duration decreased from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds
- Malphas can no longer be "pushed" by melee abilities that have knock back (this includes tempest push back ability)
- Predator's venomous strike will now apply the damage over time for 8 seconds for 8 damage per second, up from 4.5 damage per second for 10 seconds

- Polymorph ability will now correctly disable the skills of the player using the spell, rather than the target player
- Fixed issue that was causing the doors in the tutorial to allow players to pass through them
- Fixed issue that was causing the "Waiting for # more players" message to report the wrong number for spectators
- The average SF field has been fixed for the in-game scoreboard, it should now report accurately
- Fixed the "promote officer" button not appearing for commanders in the game lobby during game setup
- Fixed a bug causing observers to spawn in the corner of the map instead of the center when in warmup
- Fixed a bug where TAB screen would not open for observers
- Fixed a few miscellaneous crashes
- Fixed an issue where steam turrets would ignore storm shield and still cause damage
- Fixed some issues with pet AI, should help with them correctly randomizing attacks
- Replays will now ignore max connected clients and passwords when starting up the replay
- Fixed some missing textures in the model viewer

- Added g_allowTeamChange, which determines if players are allowed to switch teams after the game starts - defaults to false

- Timer on demo charge decreased to 16 seconds from 18 seconds
- All siege damage buffed by approximately 10 percent
- Siege workshop and Charm Shrine cost decreased to 8500 from 12000
- Steambuchet and tempest cost reduced to 650 from 750
- Behemoth and Battering ram cost reduced to 800 from 1000
- Behemoth health reduced to 1600 from 2000. Stamina increased to 350 (from 300) and base movement speed increased to 200 (from 193)
- Battering ram health reduced to 1700 from 2050
- Behemoth should now be able to hit certain gadgets that he was unable to hit before (such as the steam turret)
- Malphas' damage against structures reduced from 150% base damage to 75%
- Malphas' quick attack uses 25% less stamina
- Malphas' melee attacks do 100% base damage to siege, down from 150% (not including siege armor)
- Malphas total stamina increased from 250 to 325
- Malphas' tephra wave cool down decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, damage increased from 125-165 to 200-225
- Malphas' combustion ability cool down reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, ranged increased by 12%, and deals 35 damage per second for 7 seconds, up from 20 damage per second for 10 seconds. Can now target gadgets.
- Malphas' Eruption spell damage increased to 200 from 125, radius increased to 300 from 200 and can now target enemy hellbourne.
- Malphas soul cost increased to 20
- Revenant does 100% base damage to structures, down from 250%
- Revenant's ranged attack has a slightly longer cool down and does less damage to structures
- Revenant's quick attack uses 17% less stamina
- Revenant's Atrophy spell cool down decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, mana cost from 125 to 100, and radius increased from 325 to 350
- Revenant's soul cost increased to 7
- Malphas and Revenant are now unstunnable (including their melee strong attack and block)
- Sacrificial shrine build time increased from a base of 2 minutes to a base of 2 minutes 30 seconds. Cost increased to 9000.
- Arrow towers and strata spires do 50% of their base damage to hellbourne units
- Static charge spires do 20% of their base damage to hellbourne units
- Electric Eyes and Sentry Hawk's life time increased to 5 minutes from 3 minutes
- Very minor increase in Chaplain and shaman melee attack speed.

- Player count is now displayed on the scoreboard
- Several interface cleanups/tweaks to the game info screen, scoreboard screen, and observer screen
- Fixed a bug with persistent items causing armor, damage, and speed boost items to double their passive bonus while their "active" buff was in effect
- Made a change to server send and receive buffers that should alleviate any remaining lag issues
- Crossroads max players increased to 26
- You should no longer be able to get "stuck" inside other entities (such as being revived while an enemy is on top of you)
- Fixed dash accidentally activating if you double tapped the forward movement key while dash was in cool down (activating it when the cool down was up)
- Fixed a bug that broke the healing portion of the tutorial, as well as several other interface quirks.
- Joining a full server in which your account is still taking up a slot from a previous connection will now kick out the old instance of your account (allowing you to join)
- Fixed a bug with how commander experience was being awarded
- Observers now have a very large sight radius to remove fog of war
- Updated the connection time out display to only display when 25 seconds or less are remaining
- The Riposte effect no longer plays on the commander's screen when he damages a player with it in effect
- Block no longer breaks after blocking a single opponent
- Battering Ram, Tempest and Behemoth can no longer block or interrupt
- Fixed eastern bridge on deadlock, predators may now fit across it
- Fixed some areas causing AI pathing code to navigate incorrectly
- Fixed an issue caused by attempting to spawn as Hellbourne in Practice and Warmup
- Fixed some issues with eden and crossroads where players were able to build towers on mountains that players could not get to
- Fixed the bridge on eden, human siege may now cross it
- Fixed some areas where players could get stuck on crossroads (including fixing some invisible "walls" that players could run into if they ran too close to certain mountains)
- Fixed issue with pets not properly randomizing their first attack, which was making them predictable.

- Added QuickAttackEnabled, StrongAttackEnabled and BlockEnabled settings to all melee items
- Added StrongAttackInterruptable and BlockInterruptable to all melee items
- Added CanBeStunned setting to all Combat-based entities
- Added "Trigger on Pet" setting to Proximity triggers
- Added a GetLocalTeam() console command
- Added GetLevel(player index) scripting command

-Stats will now submit properly

- Fixed an issue that was causing servers to crash

- Fixed a crash related to using persistent items

- Malphas does roughly 150% damage to structures (down from 200%)
- Increased general movement speed by about 10%, however the sprint speeds remain the same
- Riposte no longer works against siege or Hellbourne
- Summoner's locust mana cost increased by 25%
- Decreased the duration on sentry hawks and electric eyes from 10 minutes to 3 minutes
- Commanders now earn all the experience his workers earn (building, repairing etc). This does NOT effect the current player ladder as commander stats and exp does not count toward your player SF
- Commanders now earn experience and kills from their towers
- Mana cost of tempest's push back ability lowered from 80 to 50
- Revamp to how eyes and hawks give experience (less reward for bunching them up, more reward for longer life, more strict definition of unique sighting)
- Removed the 5 second pause when transforming into a hellbourne unit
- Updates to the loadout screen. It will now point out the ability to mouse-over skills for their descriptions
- New ability descriptions on the loadout screen (will list the skill type as well as details on damage, duration, etc.)
- Shield Towers and Chlorophilic Spires now check for nearby buildings differently. This should prevent structures receiving the healing or shield benefit when outside the maximum range
- Some netcode changes to improve client smoothing in instances where clients start to lag
- Netcode optimizations (will improve latency by about 30-50ms on average)
- Fixed several memory leaks
- Fixed some timings on eye placement to better match animation
- Fixed some issues with projectiles, including appearing to pass through things that they impact
- Various NPC improvements/fixes
- Users who are below the minimum level requirement for a server may now join that server, however, that server will be filtered out of the list by default
- Removed spawn queues from warmup mode
- Fixes to warmup, gadgets/pets should now be considered allies or enemies properly
- Respawning NPCs on crossroads now have their own respawn timers (rather than all the respawning npcs on the map respawning at the same time), fixes some lag spikes
- Changed the timeout while connecting to a server from 10 minutes to 4 minutes (if you crash when connecting, your account should be "freed" after 4 minutes)
- Added some smoothing when placing gadgets. The preview should now smoothly transition when moving over uneven terrain
- Updated the ground sprites for Shield Towers and Chlorophilic Spires so they more accurately depict the buildings they will shield/heal
- Static Charge Spire is now named "Static Spire"
- Transparency for malphas, tempests, and behemoths should now trigger when they aim "down" to look at nearby units
- Updated the sound effect that plays when a soul is received
- Improved the chat filter slightly
- Fixed an issue where steam turret and venus plants line of sight was being blocked by objects that should not be blocking line of sight (such as corpses)
- Fixed issues with dynamic props being unattackable with certain attack types (This fixes tutorial's whirling blade section)
- Fixed an issue that was causing clients to potentially drop packets at the end of games
- Fixed an issue that was causing clients to time out when they shouldn't have been
- Fixed some issues with clients improperly timing out during connection
- Fixed an issue that caused the camera to warp to the corner of the map at the end game screen
- Fixed issue causing third person effects (such as flames) showing up in first person view
- Fixed issue allowing commanders to see game events through the fog of war (this should hide enemy officer auras through fog of war)
- Fixed one cause of the "Connection Interrupted" scenario
- Fixed Riposte against practice opponents
- Fixed an issue with storm shield that could cause players to recieve a negative amount of experience
- Improved commander's snapcast targeting and casting of AOE spells
- More netcode/lag fixes
- Added an area display for the Predator's Fear spell
- Fixed Tempest's ethereal shader, it should now look as intended
- Improve client smoothing code
- Reduced client-side bandwidth use
- The commander's cursor will now cause objects to go transparent, allowing him to see past trees and props that block vision.
- Fixed an issue that was causing some effects to not play
- Fixed the animations for the Battering Ram and the Tempest's Pushback, they will now always play properly
- Fixed Tempest's Pushback so that it properly hits units right up against the Tempest
- Fixed camera settings for the Revenant

-Fixed an issue with replays
-Fixed a server crash
-A small area around the commander's cursor is now rendered transparently
-When using snapcasted spells, entities that snapcast ignores (such as small bushes) will be transparent when moused over
-Any time the camera is obstructed by the player, the player is rendered 50% transparent
-Fixed a crash related to gadget placement
-Made it so players cannot "ping" the map when viewing the spawn screen
-Receiving a soul should now play a sound effect in addition to the visual effect
-Eden now has monkits
-Removed fog of war from warmup
-In warmup you can spawn from any allied OR enemy spawn points. You can also spawn from any foundation structure (gold mines, scars) during the warmup phase
-NPCs will not aggro during warmup unless attacked
-All units, weapons, and skills are available (and free) during warmup
-Team damage is enabled during warmup
-Fixed bug where using charge would cause other states and effects to be removed from the player
-Fixed "view stats" button from right clicking a player, it should now display stats properly
-Fixed client side lag issues that would sometimes appear when joining games in progress
-Fixed issue with the karma player selection menu that was causing the last player in the list to not be visible
-Fixed other various crashes
-Players who change units on the field (such as using a hell shrine) no longer leave revivable corpses
-Fixed commander worker move speed
-Improve Imp/Bearloth following ability
-Fixed a few issues with the build button being blocked
-Squad officer hover info now properly disappears
-Significant experience increase for dealing damage to buildings
-Sentry Hawk now uses the same minimap icon as the Electric Eye
-Workers cost more gold and react slower in combat situations
-Gold donation experience reward from 20% of gold donated to 10%
-Tower costs increased slightly
-Fixed issues with "ghost" NPCs
-Fixed an issue where ranged weapons would be unusable after blocking in melee
-ALT info should now show for all visible players on your screen, not just some
-Towers will now attack polymorphed players if the player has damaged it recently
-Firing a gun now puts the player's other guns into cooldown for the appropriate length
-Destroyed siege units no longer show the repair tooltip
-Vehicles no longer tilt if they are dead
-Local servers are no longer affected by server filters
-Fixed an issue where getting disconnected due to level range would leave you connected to the server for several minutes
-Fixed "Authentication failure" issue
-Malphas health degeneration increased slightly (Still lower than original)
-Malphas movement speed increased slightly
-Cast experience removed for a number of gadgets, now fully based off how useful they are once placed
-Commander and player experience are now tracked seperately, fixing an exploit to get "free" player experience
-Demo accounts now only have a 3 second spawn time increase, instead of 10
-Fixed a potential issue that could give a user negative experience or gold
-Beginner servers are now level 1 - 4, general are 5 - inf.
-Lowered the max. clients temporarily
-Fixed several editor-related crashes
-Scoreboards are now sorted by experience
-When using a toggled skill that disables your skills, the toggled skill now remains "available"
-Fixed an issue where disconnecting from a server could leave a user stuck at the "connecting" interface
-Added a "Connection Timeout" message to the connecting interface
-Shaman's Health and Mana Chant no longer have any effect on Hellbourne
-Commander's workers now repair slightly slower
-Towers now take longer to construct
-Imp's health changed to 425, armor reduced from 5 to 3
-Fix "Not in level range" error when you are actually in a server's level range
-Added a new effect for when a player recieves a soul
-Decreased the duration on conjurer's entangle trap from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
-Setup the patch test server

PLEASE NOTE: We have fixed the ALT-# bind to use items in this patch. However, in order for it to take effect, you will have to reset your binds to default. If you wish to use ALT-# to use items, make sure you do this before you forget!

-Server tiers have changed:
Beginner is now 1 - 6
General is now 3 - infinity

-Fixed crash issue with editor and model viewer
-Fixed misleading disconnect message in relation to stats
-Fixed some issues with demo account nag screens
-Fixed current and end time for replays
-Fixed some missing textures
-Fixed several client crashes
-Fixed "Cancel" and "Okay" buttons on connecting and disconnected messages, they now return you to the proper interface
-Fixed Malphas attack sounds, they match the animation once again
-Fixed crash in editor when painting foliage at the edge of the map
-Fixed player selection portraits on the commander interface
-Fixed some issues with local/LAN game connection recieving "Authentication Error" messages
-Fixed commander drawing cursor
-Fixed an issue with watching replays in a different level range than you
-Fixed an exploit allowing users to purchase more than one item of the same type
-Fixed ALT-# so that it properly allows you to use items again
-Sacrifice nerfed slightly. Its explosion radius is very small (to prevent it being used too aggressively for player kills) and decreases movement speed slightly
-Malphas armor increased from 12 to 15
-Towers and spires now do 10% less damage to Hellbourne
-Stats will now be recorded if a player plays the minimum stat time (5 minutes for players, 10 for commanders) OR if the total game length is within 30 seconds of their play time (for short games)
-Malphas melee reworked, overall damage increased, especially to buildings, health degeneration decreased
-Marksman armor from 4 to 5, health from 325 to 340
-Reduced overall gold on Deadlock, Eden and Hellpeak
-Increased gold extraction rates on the middle mines in Deadlock and Eden
-Changed some NPCs on Eden to non-respawning
-Pets and opponents in practice now properly use sprint
-Voice command spam filter improved
-Fixed beast worker attack height, he should now be able to hit small enemies properly
-Predator building damage fixed
-Bearloth attack speed reduced by 30%, attack damage increased by 30% to compensate
-Bearloth movement speed reduced
-Imp damage increased slightly
-Changed the marksman bow's projectile to curve slightly more
-Steam turret and electric eye now have placement animations
-Fixed death message spam on death screen
-Death messages now show when dying to something other than a player

First public release